The biggest problem in dressage today is that riders and horses are stuck at training and first level. I believe this is because riders donít truly understand the theory of collection. Trainers donít have time to teach them in lessons and students, when they get in a lesson, want to ride, not listen to a lecture.

"I spend a lot of time trying to make connections and consider myself a "thinking rider." But there were things on this CD that I have never had explained in such a straight forward way. For example, I think this was the best discussion of long and low work I've read. I think the video you chose to illustrate the stretchy circle was excellent - it was very clear when it was correct and when things went wrong and why. I also really loved the 7 points of photo analysis, especially the correlation you drew between the two turquoise lines (at head and behind the saddle). I had to run off and grab some pictures of my horse and some tracing paper! I think that was a great exercise for developing one's eye. Especially relevant to me right now was the discussion of falling in/falling out, since my horse and I both struggle with some crookedness." -- Stephenie Frank, Ultimate Dressage Bulletin Board Member

This multimedia CD ROM contains photos, animations and videos to help you develop your eye for dressage. It teaches you the theory of collection, before you are asked to perform in the ring. This is the theory of collection, from intro to second level and itís the best lesson youíll ever take.

Available for Windows PCs. Unix or Mac version available upon request.

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Have a great lesson,

Kathryn King Johnson, M.Ed.

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